6. Angel Within
7. Away from Trouble

11. Featherless

9. Cool Girl

10. Either Way

8. Bert and the Swans

12. I See Everything

15. Maureen

16. Non-walking Legs

17. Phillip Glass

18. Seeing is Believing

19. Symmetry Sucks

20. Think Anyway

21. What Restrictions

Supporter's  Edition (1,000 copies and prints)

All prints are on paper individually handcrafted  by skilled arrtisans from India. This is a wood free paper made from cottom  rags and selectively infused with fibral strands of straw, flower petals,  grass, newspaper waste and garlic husk.

-  each print is full color. The following are black and  white facsimiles -


P.S. Each art piece is numbered,  marked and signed. Please, ask dealer for Original Art and Collector's Edition.

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             Franz Vila' Prints:

    From the Eighties through Second Millennium Digital Art. Emphasis on Semiology of     Aesthetics and Social topics. Art Criticism, Abstracts and Reviews Includes     Portfolios, Essays and Reviews of selected artists.

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