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Social Events Video

We listen to our clients' concerns and incorporate them in our creative concepts. We capture the feeling, meaning and memory blending them with our detailed planning, exclusive film in video™ taping technique and advance post-production.

You will enjoy our Creativity, Experience, Discretion and Elegance.

The most memmorable and exciting occassion in one's life:

Our weddings are filmed with you and your future children and grandchildren in mind.
We make a monument to your love and a proud statement of your life.
Our wedding tapes make divorce difficult !

B. Mitzvahs

That momment in life when being a child is not as much fun as being an adult:

This sensitive, joyful, and exhilarating period of our lives must be remember in its spontaneaty, ritual, happiness and pride of accomplishment.
Your kid will have all that in our videos.


From the first steps to the first birthdays and other memmorable moments of a child's life:

With our video techniques those important moments of childhood will never be forgotten again. Those first successes in life - in arts and sports - are the foundation for the successes in adulthood. Don't take away the personal history of your child; keep it on tape. We are here to help you.


If an anniversary is important for you, your family or your business, why not remember it with others in the future?

Tell us about your upcomming occassion and we will help you make it memmorable.


After two or four hours of partying your joy doesn't have to end!

We have extensive experience in producing videos that revives the joy of the gathering any time you view them. Let us make an enjoyable video from even your most boring gathering!

Social Events Production Standards:

Exterior and Studio recordings.

Excellent Wireless Systems.

Personalized and Reliable Service for Over Fifteen Years.

Standard and upscale wireless video and dedicated editing.

Small Crews.

Full back-up equipment.

Metal density and mastering S- cassettes or Digital Video.

Discrete and un-obtrusive taping.

Limited Dates / One Event at a Time
Short notice services sometimes available


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